Marketing Series: Part 1: The Cost of Marketing

Instructor: Nora McDougall-Collins

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Instead of starting your marketing efforts with $$$, let’s start by considering the practices you can add every day that build sales to current customers and the people you see through the day. From there, let’s move up a notch to the marketing opportunities that take time, but show the advantages your business has. Those first two steps can set the stage for investing $$$ into marketing!

Topics included in this course:

Time vs Dollars

  1. It’s not really FREE: the Cost of Writing Content
    1. Effective content is only somewhat more expensive than ineffective content
  2. It’s not really FREE: the Cost of Images
  3. The cost of all the things you could do
    1. Billboards, business cards, flyers, radio ads, print ads
  4. Plan on spending the creation time once

This workshop will be part lecture with facts and figures and part discussion. 

May 2024
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