Marketing Series 1: Part 2 – Data-driven Market Analysis & New Ideas for your Unique Capabilities

Marketing with Nora

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This 2-part series covers the beginning steps of a marketing plan for your unique
business scenario in the context of basic marketing principles and your opportunities.
Using a combination of instruction, case studies and your own experiences, we will walk
through concepts that include:

1. Discussing how your business and production capacity affects your marketing
2. Analyzing your current markets
3. Identifying potential new markets
4. Discuss which of those markets will cause you to lose money and which are the
best match as your ideal market
5. Thinking of “spot on the shelf” as your exposure to buyers
6. Use the idea of use cases to be sure that you are serving your current markets
well and that are ready to reach new market

Instructor: Nora McDougal-Collins

May 2024
June 2024
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