With Nora McDougall-Collins

The Coast of Marketing | March 20, 2024 1 pm-3 pm

In this 2-part series, you’ll learn about the intricacies of understanding market dynamics, identifying target audiences, and implementing effective strategies to ensure your product not only reaches the right consumers but also secures a coveted spot on the shelves. 

Part 1: The Coast of Marketing Course Topics | March 20, 2024

  1. Time vs Dollars
  2. It’s not really FREE: the Cost of Writing Content
    1. Effective content is only somewhat more expensive than ineffective content
  3. It’s not really FREE: the Cost of Images
  4. The cost of all the things you could do
    1. Billboards, business cards, flyers, radio ads, print ads
  5. Plan on spending the basic creation time once
  6. This workshop will be part lecture with facts and figures and part discussion. 

Part 2: Making Web Marketing Fit Your Business Course Topics | April 3, 2024

  1. There is no one-size fits all; market where your market is
    1. This is a review of discussion from the first two workshops
  2. What is your mix of web marketing?
  3. Case studies to demonstrate how important it is to develop your unique presence
    1. How to say nothing in your web marketing
    2. How to say something relevant in your web marketing
  4. How to tailor the message between social media, website and other platforms.
    1. The audience isn’t exactly the same.
  5. How is SEO different from Social Media?