Mission Mountain Food Enterprise Center will be hosting a Community Cherry Pitting day on August 11 to give smaller cherry producers an opportunity to save a little time and effort during this busy season. Producers are limited to 100 pounds per producer during Community Pit Day and will not include freezing services. Community Cherry Pitting producers will be expected to pick up processed cherry at the end of the day. Contact MMFEC Facility Manager for larger processing needs.

Cherries will be processed by our professional trained MMFEC staff and in accordance with the cherry processing requirements and packaging options listed below. Packaging materials will be provided unless otherwise specified. Please review cherry processing specifications and requirements prior to processing date and arrival.

Any interested parties must contact our facility manager to reserve a time on the community pitting schedule in advance and adhere the cherry processing requirements listed below.

MMFEC Cherry Processing Services

Processing Requirments:

  • The producer must reserve schedule service with Joel Carlson, MMFEC facility manager, prior to bringing in fruit.
  • Fruit must be cooled prior to arriving at MMFEC 
  • Cherries must be milked (no stems) 
  • Fruit must be clean and void of decay and infestation 

Processing Pricing & Packaging:

QuantityBagged, Boxed, FrozenBuckets
> 1000 lbs.$0.85/lb.$0.75/lb.
< 1000 lbs.to > 500 lbs.$0.95/lb.$0.85/lb.
< 500 lbs. to > 250 lbs.$1.00/lb.  $0.90/lb.
< 250 lbs.$1.50/lb.$1.40/lb.

Our processing package includes pitting, packaging and freezing. Cherries are processed into 5 lb. bags, 4 bags to a 20 pound box. Cherries may also be processed into clean buckets that are provided by the producer.

Processing and packaging costs are priced per pound and paid by the producer.

Facility Space & Equipment Rentals:

Our facility offers floor space and equipment rental for independent cherry pitting and processing.

Producers pitting their own cherries must be trained on equipment, uphold our food safety policies and procedures, and observe the same processing requirements as stated above. 

Cherry Pitter and Processing Line$80 / 4 hour
(4 hour minimum)
Freezer Storage $50 / pallet per month

Contact Us to Schedule a Processing Reservation Today!

For more information or to schedule a processing reservation contact our Facility Manager.

Joel Carlson


[email protected] 

Joel Carlson

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